Paypal, Poodle and SSLv3 for Magento hosting customers

The latest in the recent spate of “security scares” (Heartbleed, Shellshock, et. al.) is upon us, The SSL3 Poodle! The non-tech summary is “SSL3 is an older, weaker method of encryption, and is vulnerable. Most modern secure connections should use a newer method called TLS”. So in this post, Poodle SSL 3.0 Vulnerability, by Joe Nash for … Read more

The Death of a Server – A Cautionary Tale

One of our hosting clients also has some services hosted… Elsewhere. And Elsewhere has a problem. The symptoms are easy to describe: The high-profile eCommerce installation that’s meant to be live and selling to the world – is dead. Not resting, not stunned, not pining for anything. Apache: dead, MySQL: dead, even Plesk: Dead. They’re all dead, Dave. … Read more

Magento 1.9 – Cross-Border Responsiveness!

At Layer5 we’re always excited by a new Magento release and this week we’ve had 2! We’re already at the forefront and have two 1.9 Community Edition builds in progress and some of the features in 1.9 are right on target for helping with these latest projects – Responsiveness from the ground-up and EU Tax simplifications.

Magento: Keeping it clean (Magento Buckaroo)

Magento: Keeping it clean (or Magento Buckaroo!) One big positive about Magento is the burgeoning and comprehensive development community. Magento connect ( has thousands of plug-ins and additional modules that enhance, improve and provide new features.  Some of these are free and some are paid, some are excellent, and (very rarely), some not-so-good. The message … Read more