Some of the biggest obstacles to becoming an entrepreneurial retailer?

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During a recent conversation with some entrepreneurial retailers, we got to talking about choosing which vertical markets could be worth investing in, and what the initial and ongoing effort would be to manage the end to end relationship from distributor to end user. Having worked at the sharp end of multi-channel IT resale, we know … Read more

Magento: Keeping it clean (Magento Buckaroo)

Magento: Keeping it clean (or Magento Buckaroo!) One big positive about Magento is the burgeoning and comprehensive development community. Magento connect ( has thousands of plug-ins and additional modules that enhance, improve and provide new features.  Some of these are free and some are paid, some are excellent, and (very rarely), some not-so-good. The message … Read more

Picking the right ERP system for your business


Picking the right ERP system can be a daunting prospect for any business, from the smallest operation to the largest corporation, there are lots of questions to be asked. One thing is for certain, the outcome remains the same, finding the right system to underpin your business needs, allowing you to keep track of your … Read more

Open Source 2 – Versus Traditional

In the first post we covered a very brief definition of Open Source, in corporate language and in straightforward terms.

In this post, however, we will look at what Open Source means to the purchaser of software, be that a corporate entity, or an SME or retailer looking to make decision on how to enter the online selling world.

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