Your All Encompassing
Technical Department

Who are we?

Formed in 2012 from a desire to help businesses grow and reach their potential, through the utilisation of technical skills and knowledge, built on a 19 year career in software development and commercial business strategy; specialising in eCommerce, ERP, Business Analysis, Business Intelligence, Commercial Software Development and Project Management

What we do

  • Design, development and deployment of business systems
  • eCommerce automation and process management
  • Server, web, email and data-centre hosting services
  • Systems support for Netsuite, Brightpearl, Magento, WordPress and others

Who we do it for

Corporate, Public Sector and SMB/SME

Want to Know More?

We provide comprehensive, turn-key services in all of these areas. We do this by having hands-on experience across the board:

  • We ran “cloud services” as far back as 2003 – before the word “cloud” was coined  – it was A.S.P. (Application Service Provider) back then.
  • We have developed and operate EDI services for Brightpearl, Netsuite and Magento systems to name but a few.
  • We run an estate of our own servers – Windows, linux and BSD – in our own data-centre in the North West of England, and we also manage Amazon EC2 portfolios for our clients too.
  • We design, build, and run dozens of sites and software operations, including eCommerce & transactional systems; securely and persistently integrating data such as Sales Orders, Purchase Orders, Invoices and even real estate property between systems.
  • This is all backed by a transparent Layer 5 Support Service, pro-active communication (we know that bad news needs to be heard as much as good so that business people can make the right decisions), and award-winning development management, project management and business analysis skills.

Try Layer 5

Contact Us, or see our social presences if you want to discuss any specific requirements, or even get in touch with some of our existing happy customers, and see how we conduct our business – we think you’ll like it.

Get in touch: 0161 850 4545 or email