eCommerce vulnerability, it’s a hack!!

If you’re a reader of our blogs, or social updates, you’ll know that we, at Layer 5, are huge fans of Magento, in fact it’s our ‘go-to’ platform of choice when we propose an eCommerce solution and as such, have developed our skill set around it.

Not only do we provide a range of integration and development services, we also provide hosting solutions, built around Brightpearl’s whitepaper, so we like to keep ourselves and our serves up-to-date.

There was an article posted by Sucuri recently, detailing an eCommerce vulnerability, using a hack involving a Magento site as an example, and could be interpreted that there is a new core vulnerability being exploited to affect these hacks. See more at – Setting the Record Straight, on the Magento Blog.

We’d like to offer these few simple steps to help you keep eCommerce system protected and making money.

• Keep your Magento, like any other internet-facing software, up to date and patched.
• If you can’t do that yourself (and why would you – you should be busy selling stuff and running your business), then partner someone who can.
• Better still, buy your Magento hosting from a company that includes a patching and maintenance regime at both server level and Magento level, most hosting companies WON’T do that for you, as part of your hosting package.

Interested in, or need help with, Magento, get in touch: 0161 850 4545 or email