Testimonial – Veranti Systems

Layer 5 launched the Veranti Limited website rapidly and robustly and worked cohesively with our designer. Layer 5 also trained Veranti staff on content management and delivered a comprehensive launch package including all analytics tracking, sitemaps, rss, web master tools and SEO Considerations to ensure a significant online presence in time for the trading launch of the company.

As a a new business, we wanted to ensure that the Veranti Limited website presented our passion and professionalism to the industry. Layer 5 committed to the brief for clean design with easy navigation functionality and the ability for our team to easily update in house. The service we received was above and beyond our expectations, and Paul’s approach to training was refreshing. We are delighted with the whole package and enjoy seeing our website grow with our business. Many Thanks to Paul and Layer 5

Steve Cops, Managing Director, Veranti Systems