Testimonial – Brew2bottle

Layer 5 Solutions undertook a comprehensive launch of Brew2bottle’s eCommerce presence, and after a successful period of trading on the Magento platform, drove the business even further with Brightpearl as the ERP system.

Now Brew2bottle can demonstrate a % growth in revenue and net profitability as a direct result of Layer 5’s endeavours, through the multi-channel retailing capability enabled by Layer 5’s evaluation, recommendation and delivery of these systems.

In addition Layer 5 implemented, and trained on the virtues of WordPress blogging as a valid SEO and marketing tool in the modern eCommerce context, and also undertook development of the brand’s Twitter and Facebook presence’s.

Brew2bottle is now a true multi-channel retailer and multi-channel marketer, proving that business size is no object to comprehensive joined up systems – when designed, delivered and implemented well – can empower the small retailer in the global eCommerce marketplace.

As a small retailer, we simply could not have had anything like the quality of trading presence and back-end systems that we do, without Layer 5. It’s a massive advantage to have the systems support AND ecommerce knowledge in the same phone call.

– Phil Smith, owner Brew2bottle